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Are you a person with many passions? Do you allow fear to hold you back from sharing your dreams and gifts with others? I knew that feeling all too well!

on’t shoot for perfection. Instead just start taking action!

Don’t shoot for perfection. Instead just take action!

I’m Ashlynn, a constant dreamer, author, entrepreneur, and real estate broker.

And my mission is to uplift, inspire, and help you to be daring and share your talents with the world.


Social Media, Video-Phobia
Social Media, Video-Phobia
Whelp, today was another day of tackling my fears. No, I didn’t go cage diving with Great White Sharks. Instead, I posted a video on…
Who Else Wants to Make a Wish?
Who Else Wants to Make a Wish?
I went to the Museum of What in Encinitas, CA and found this beauty! It’s a wishing tree.  In front of the display, there was a poster,…

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