Hey, welcome!

I’m Ashlynn, and I’m so happy that you’re here!

All right let’s get right to it, I’m a woman entrepreneur, married to a driven and innovative man. Both my husband and I have the entrepreneur fire coursing through our bodies.

We first met in the real estate industry when I was only 18 years old and married when I was 22! *Cue the gasps*

We have two amazing sons that keep our life entertaining, active, and full of love!

For the past 11 years, my husband and I have owned a profitable swimming pool company in San Diego, that’s allowed my husband to work only three (or less) days per week outside of our home.

I’ve been in the real estate industry for almost 12 years now, and when I was 27 years old, I became a real estate broker and started my own company, Sunset Properties. This was a huge accomplishment for me, one that I’m really proud of.

Most people don’t understand how I’m able to find the time or why in the world I pursue multiple dreams. People that know me even often joke that I’m always up to something new.

I’m gonna be real right now, for a bit this embarrassed me, I felt hesitant sharing my aspirations for fear of not being understood and because people seemed to mistake my drive to learn more, do more, and be more, with discontentment of what I was already doing.

But not anymore!

Now, I love that I’m a dreamer with many passions and I’ve embraced my ambitious self who wasn’t made to squeeze into anyone’s box.

And my new mission is to uplift and inspire other female entrepreneurs to be daring and fulfill your dreams!

I’m thrilled to be on this journey, and I’m grateful you’re here with me. My newest venture is my debut novel, “Chasing Beverly” that comes out in May 2019!

I think this is the craziest dream I’m fulfilling so far in my life. As a child, I struggled reading and dreaded the moment my name would be called to read aloud in class.

The anxiety and insecurity that developed caused me to doubt my intelligence, and for the longest time I locked myself into my very own self-limiting box.

Even with the many accomplishments I’ve had in my life, the nagging doubt that my writing wasn’t good enough or that nobody would want to read something I wrote gnawed at me.

Then, a friend, who I adore, urged me to take a leap. She encouraged me to submit my book to Acorn Publishing, and guess what?

That’s right, my manuscript was accepted!

This new achievement has poured gasoline onto my already lit flame, and everything I do here on my website is designed to support, encourage and motivate YOU to chase your dreams. Share your talents with the world, because we NEED them, we need all you have to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, now please do me a favor, click here and send me a message about yourself or connect with me on Instagram @ashlynncubbison. I’d love to know about you, so let’s unite and help build each other up!

Talk soon, friend!


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