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I’m Ashlynn – a driven entrepreneur, wife, and mother who went from successful real estate broker to published author.

Wait, what?! 

I know, it’s an unlikely combination – real estate and romance novels seem worlds apart. But here’s the thing: I strongly believe in following your passions, no matter how many you have or how crazy they may seem.

“Don’t be controlled by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

– Brad Turnbull

My mission is to empower women to go after whatever excites them– whether that’s as intense as becoming an entrepreneur or writer, or as simple as reading a book for pleasure (or all of the above if you’re like me)!

The prevailing message out there is that you have to focus on one thing. Screw that! It’s perfectly okay to be multi-passionate – and you’re not crazy for actively pursuing all of your dreams. With a solid plan, hard work, a drive to succeed, and some support, you CAN integrate your passions into one awesome package that is uniquely you.

Are your passions a blend of different things? Something like lawyer by day, recording hip hop artist by night, and event planner on weekends? I say, go for it!

Need help with successful collaboration?

Everyone Has a Story to Tell…

Here’s mine (an abbreviated version). I met my husband doing real estate when I was just 18 (full disclosure: he’s a little older than me) and we married four years later. Fast forward a few years, and we have two amazing sons – yes, I’m a boy mom– who keep us entertained, on our feet, and full of love.

Between marriage and building a family, my husband and I also built a successful swimming pool company in San Diego, which has been going strong for 12 years. Not one to sit still, I went from real estate agent to real estate brokerand launched my own company, Sunset Properties, at the age of 27. We’ve build a couple of other successful businesses over the years – did I mention that we both have the entrepreneur fire coursing through our veins (#cantstopwontstop)? 

Becoming a Published Author

Wow, I never thought I’d be able to claim that title! As a kid, I struggled with reading and spelling. Anxiety would take over each time my teacher called me to read aloud in class. My heart raced, my body grew hot, I reddened with embarrassment, and kids giggled. It was devastating, and to this day I still refuse to read aloud in public. I allowed my childhood insecurities to hold me hostage as an adult. Despite my doubts, though, I still wrote – for myself. For the longest time, I kept my love of writing quiet, never allowing myself to entertain a dream of becoming an author.

And then one day, it happened.

With a push from a friend, I submitted my book, Chasing Beverly, to Acorn Publishing… and before I knew it, I was a published author. A real-life romance novelist.

Friend, it IS possible – whatever you want to achieve is within reach, you just need to believe and take action towards your dreams!

I’m here to be your voice of encouragement. I’ve been there – I’ve faced self-doubt and stared down all the naysayers. Call me stubborn, call me rebellious. I just believe that we can all do amazing things if we listen to our hearts and shut out the negativity. We deserve to live fulfilling, well-rounded lives, and when our buckets are full, we have more to give to others.

We’re Stronger Together

I attribute my success to supporting others. When we come together and build relationships – especially as women – our lives can flourish.

I hope you’ll walk alongside me as we both go after our wildest dreams. Meet me on Instagram  (where all the fun stuff happens!) – and make sure to grab my debut novel for some light reading while you’re at it. After all, who doesn’t love a good romance?

You CAN have it all. Take it from this 5’1” former athlete-turned-entrepreneur, real estate broker, published author—and now (fingers crossed) your friend.

Much love,

Ashlynn Cubbison

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