Top 4 Benefits of using Instagram Stories

Let’s talk about Instagram stories. Are YOU utilizing them? And are you using them to their fullest potential?

I hate to admit it, but for the longest time, I barely used stories. I’d upload pictures here and there, but I wasn’t doing videos. Why? Because I was a chicken. I’ll tell ya this much, I was missing out BIG time.

Between the polls, questions, GIFs, hashtags, videos, and other fabulous features to engage with your audience, Instagram Stories are a no brainer! For the past couple of months, I’ve consistently been uploading videos on my stories. Through that, I’ve engaged and become close to so many more people on IG. My audience has expanded, and my following gets a closer look into my life.

Now that I’ve taken the plunge, I know I’ll continue using this fantastic feature Instagram offers. Are you still not convinced? Well, let’s go into my Top 4 Benefits of using Instagram Stories!

#1 – Engagement (DUH!)

I’ve never experienced more engagement on ANY other social media platform than I have with Instagram Stories. Polls and Questions are always a winner with my audience. People love connection, and they want to connect with YOU, so if they can answer questions, or cast their vote so you can learn more about them, then they’re all over it!

Every video I post I receive messages from my followers and guess what I make sure to do? Message them back!! It amazes me how many people forget this vital step. Someone is taking time out of their day to comment on your content, it’s precisely what you wanted, you have to make sure you engage back! 

#2 – They’re FUN!

Your audience gets to see a different side of you! The side that isn’t perfectly posed, in the best outfit, with your makeup and hair on point. You get the chance to show you’re human, relatable, and freaking awesome, without messing up your precious feed.

I’ve posted a couple of really embarrassing stories, but my peeps loved it! And the best news was in 24 hours it disappeared!

#3 – Reach a Larger Audience

So if you’re using stories correctly then your tagging your location, using hashtags and tagging others when applicable. This helps you reach people who aren’t currently following you and adds value to your Instagram as a whole. The point of social media is to be social, connect with people you’d probably never meet otherwise.

#4 – Support Others

I love, love, love using Instagram stories to support other entrepreneurs, moms, business owners, authors, OK basically everyone whose content I enjoy. It’s an excellent way to promote other people, again, without messing up your glorious feed.

As an added bonus, I’ve noticed a lot of people will reshare my story of them on their story! Can you say extra exposure? Oh yeah!

So, friend, I encourage YOU to play with your stories, post stuff, be real, let your audience get to know you, and please make sure you engage back and respond to messages! Such an important step that so many forget to do.

If you’re feeling extra brave, tag me, @ashlynncubbison, in your story because I’d love to see you! I might even share it on my page, too!



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