Unlocking the Secret to Exceptional Copywriting: The One Thing You Must Do

Are you struggling with writing great copy?

Are you struggling with writing great copy? Do you freeze up at the thought of sitting down at your keyboard? You're not alone! But don't worry, there are simple tricks to overcome this stage fright and become a confident and successful copywriter.

The most important tip I can offer you is to identify your ICA – Ideal Customer Avatar. Knowing exactly who you are writing for will help you connect with your audience, address their specific needs, and keep them engaged in your content. 

Without this knowledge, your marketing efforts will fall flat and turn people away.

Be specific when developing your ICA. Think about their family life, business, likes, dislikes, and pain points. What struggles are they facing? How can you solve their problems and make their lives easier? Don't be afraid to get detailed – the more you know, the better you can serve them.

Remember that your ICA will evolve over time, so be open to change and flexibility. And when writing your copy, speak directly to your ICA – make them feel special and valued.

This is probably the most valuable copying writing tip I’ve learned over the years!

Are you ready to kick up your copywriting skills another notch? Listen to my podcast episode for more valuable insights that will help you become a confident and successful copywriter. Don't let stage fright hold you back – take action and start writing great copy today!

Ashlynn Cubbison

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

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