Episode Description

Traditional business advice tells us to niche down and focus on one thing, which can feel suffocating and restricting for those of us who are multi-passionate. Is it possible to run multiple successful businesses? What if they are for totally different audiences and in completely separate industries?
In this interview, Danielle teaches us how she went from making $520 in her first year as an entrepreneur to now running three profitable and sustainable businesses at the same time.

We talk about how to choose which business to focus on and when and how to monetize them smartly. Danielle gives her advice for how to separate your businesses strategically and some of the key mindset shifts she’s made that have helped her succeed. We also talk about how to set reasonable financial goals as a multi-passionate and how that looks different than when you have a single business.

Episode Transcript

Ashlynn Cubbison

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

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