Episode Description

In this episode, Lindsay and Ashlynn were joined in-studio by Shana Showers. Shana is an Integrative Health Practitioner, certified Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner and the creator of Live Well Sisterhood, a platform built on empowering women to take their wellness into their own hands.

Shana shares her unique journey from entrepreneurship at an early age as she traveled the country as Miss Rodeo New Mexico. After winning a  national collegiate feasibility study competition, she launched her first company and averaged $250K in sales a year for a decade. During that time she developed a passion for health and making choices today that can impact tomorrow, for herself and her family.

Shana shares how her past success in business has helped in her latest venture, the vision behind Live Well Sisterhood and how it came to fruition, and how she’s used collaboration and community to help her business thrive.

Episode Transcript

Ashlynn Cubbison

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

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