Love Yourself! There’s more to it than you think

What’s one thing you LOVE about yourself? 

I know this can be a cringy question. Believe me, I have a difficult time taking this question seriously too. Praising yourself feels too much like boasting, and no one likes a boaster. 

Self-Love is for Everyone!

But here’s the thing — loving yourself is actually good for you and those around you if you’re not putting others down while you do it. Self-love is often misconstrued as bragging and can often make others feel less worthy. However, we’re not talking about bragging — we’re talking about loving yourself for who you are and spreading those positive vibes to those around you!

A couple of months ago, I read a post that asked a profound question. “If I asked you to name all of the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” 

… now read that again. I don’t know about you, but when I started making a mental list, I didn’t even make the cut! 

Why Didn’t I Make the List?

This doesn’t mean I don’t love or appreciate myself, but I definitely don’t give myself recognition or actively praise myself for the things I do well. This is a bad habit that most of us do without realizing it, so let’s work on breaking it together!

My passion in life is to support others, encourage people to believe and love themselves. I want to be a good example for my sons. I want them to always name themselves because I know their value. If this is what I want, then I need to start exemplifying it.

After spending some time reflecting on the question “what do I love about myself?”, I came to some conclusions. I absolutely love my sense of humor. Never do I feel too old to be goofy, and I’m going to hold on to that forever. I’m going to be the silliest and weirdest 90-year-old someday. 

Don’t Limit Your Love

Things you love about yourself don’t necessarily need to be personality traits either. If you do something courageous or something that makes you feel good, then don’t forget to congratulate yourself for your efforts. You’re allowed to feel proud of yourself. And you should!

The thing that most of us don’t realize is that appreciating and loving yourself has an effect on those around you. The people around you will notice a positive change in you, and how you’re so happy just being yourself. Even without saying so, you’re encouraging others to also be themselves and to be proud of who they are. Change doesn’t need to be pushed onto others. Lead by example, and just love who you are!

Positive Vibes Only

Remember that self-love is meant to bring positivity into your life, and not to be an excuse to stop improving yourself. Real self-love encourages you to embrace your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses. If you’re having some trouble getting started, read my other blog about squashing self-doubt.

Now that I’ve shared with you, go ahead and repost this and share what you love about yourself! You deserve some self-love today.


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