Social Media, Video-Phobia

Whelp, today was another day of tackling my fears. No, I didn’t go cage diving with Great White Sharks. Instead, I posted a video on my Instagram story. *Gasp* The horrors!

But, seriously, videos freak me out, and I’ve spent the last few weeks dissecting why. Although I haven’t come up with a concrete answer, I’m relatively sure it all revolves around insecurity and being vulnerable. 

It’s wild because all the reasons I should want to put myself out there are also my doubts, such as: “My following will get know me better,” transforms into, “Oh gosh, my following will see what an average goober I am.”

“My personality can shine through!” morphs to, “Oh no, they will see my quirks and all!”

My personal favorite is, “I can show people that entrepreneurs can be awkward, goofy dorks, and successful too.” Then the negative part of my brain which I’m still whipping into submission says, “Come on, are you really that successful, and should you reallyshow your dorky side to the world?”

I could continue, but I know you’ve got the point. My insecurities of possibly being judged totally got the best of me. 

But, no more! 

These past two years I’ve focused on overcoming fear, not allowing opportunities to be missed because of self-doubt or because I was afraid. Shoot, Chasing Beverly (my debut novel) would never have gotten published if I didn’t push down the terror of having my work read.

If you’re like me and have video-phobia, please dig up the courage inside of you—I know you have it—and put yourself out there! There are people you want to know you, connect with you, people who are wondering if there’s anyone out there who they can relate to. This world needs YOU, we need everything you have to offer us! Please don’t hold back and please share your gifts. 

I’d love to hear from you, tell me if videos come naturally and you’ve mastered it all (and how you did it, please, I NEED to know) or let me know if you struggle with it. Hopefully, we can help each other out! And like always if you want to connect more with me, find me on Instagram and send a message. I’m not a jerk, I respond, follow people back, the whole shebang. 




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