Who Else Wants to Make a Wish?

I went to the Museum of What in Encinitas, CA and found this beauty! It’s a wishing tree. 

In front of the display, there was a poster, this is what it said:

“Share your wisdom, hopes, and dreams! Sign your name and hang it on the tree for all to see. May our little wishing tree send you blessings and love and help make all your sweet dreams come true!”

I thought this was such an engaging idea and I love writing down my goals, dreams, and aspirations, it helps me focus on what to pray for and strive to achieve. So, as you’ve probably figured already, I pounced at the opportunity to write down my wish and tie it to that adorable tree! 

Much to my surprise, the wish jumped out of my soul before I even had the paper in my hand, and it was all about Chasing Beverly my soon to be released debut novel. I wished for Chasing Beverly to be successful. But now that I wrote it down, tied it up, and have had time to digest that desire internally, I’d like to elaborate on it here more.

I’m assuming, so hopefully I don’t make an ass out of myself as the saying goes, but I think many people would describe successful as my book selling thousands of copies, or possibly me becoming a best-selling author.

Now don’t get me wrong, of course, I’d love this to happen–I mean, DUH! However, for this book that isn’t what I define as success. To me, as an author who struggled reading and spelling as a child, I want to impact people. I want my novel, my writing, my work to be an inspiration, and not because I believe I’m uber talented or a profound writer. The truth is I’m average, and I’m not saying this from a place a false modesty, it’s the truth. I have to work really, REALLY, hard to write something worth reading.

But I did it! And that’s what I hope inspires others like me who’ve fought through negative self-talk and self-doubt.

I stopped allowing my insecurities, fears, and shortcomings to define me any longer. And I know without a doubt, day after day, my writing will improve, someday I might call myself a brilliant writer or maybe I won’t, but I’ll still be doing it anyway. Writing sets my soul on fire and is the most therapeutic release I’ve found in my life. So, if my book can encourage even just one person to start their novel, short story, blog, poem, song, whatever it may be, then I’ve made it, and in my eyes, I’m a success.

What wish would you make? It can be anything you want, so don’t hold back!



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